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Beverly Osu Is A Nun For Taylor Live Magazine’s “Confession Issue”

Follow @eventlabgh < Model and actress Beverly Osu is the cover girl for Taylor Live Magazine’s latest issue themed ‘Confession’. Dressed as...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at September 10, 2018


Model and actress Beverly Osu is the cover girl for Taylor Live Magazine’s latest issue themed ‘Confession’.

Dressed as a Catholic nun for the cover, Beverly opens up on a lot of bottled up secrets in her cover story with the magazine.

She talked about dealing with confusion and depression after she left the Big Brother Africa house.

She wrote:

Confusion and depression took a huge toll on me After BBA(The Chase ) 2013, even though i made history in the game ( I was never nominate for eviction through the entire show ) .

Struggled to be myself , when the society pressured me to be someone else. I have always been accused of affairs and things I knew nothing about ,and it broke my heart deeply.

Speaking to God but never really felt I  got a response maybe because I did not Understand calling.. I had two near death experiences …

No matter how much I felt I didn’t have anything to live for in 2015 , deep inside my soul I knew I wanted more. I chose to reshape my reality and how I perceived my life .

I cried and begged God for wisdom and direction.. and then it hit me, I realized direction is better than speed . It’s hard to sacrifice speed when you are used to being on a fast track in life, this was hard for me to understand.

I know I’m a work in progress and I have so much in me to make the world a happier place.

Being a Model and an Actor has always been my source of expressing myself.

I am in love with being a creative and a story teller, but somewhere along the line , I was starting to get stereotyped and being projected as a bad girl. It bothered me when I was put in a box when I have so many more stories to tell the world .

It’s all about headlines, appearances ,covers and what people think, but they’re not seeing my soul.

I just do the work i love to do. And at the end of the day, if people love it, they love it, if they don’t, I am okay with that and will take corrections . I am a creative of arts forever .

I will continue to strive to be worth knowing not well known. I am BEVERLY OSU and this is my Confession.



Photo credit: Taylor Live

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