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#BBNaija: Nina Is Not A Victim, She Only Got A Taste Of Her Own Medicine!

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at September 5, 2018


Frankly, I’m not sure why anyone will feel pity for Nina in the current messy situation that she is in. I mean, she is only getting a taste of her own medicine. Or don’t you think so?

This lady had a boyfriend before she entered into the house for crying out loud! You remember Collins? She and Collins were together for a whole freaking year up until she went into the BBNaija house. Only for the show to end and she comes out to tell the whole Nigeria in an interview with Toolz on Beat FM that she is yet to reach out to Collins who was there for her before her fame, because she does not want any “negative vibe”.

Collins who encouraged her and rooted for her to get into the house suddenly became a negative vibe because she had a new attraction who happened to be the eventual winner of the reality show, Miracle.

Do you guys recall how Nigerians backlashed her after that? I mean she broke up with poor Collins on a broadcast station and tagged him as a negative vibe. Now that her Miracle “her everything” has done the same to her, people are all of a sudden developing amnesia and trolling Karma’s own tool. It doesn’t work that way honey.

We should have seen this coming because after they got out of the house, she was the only one acting like she was in a relationship. Miracle never reciprocated convincingly, any romantic feeling to Nina. (PS this is a not so subtle reminder to ask yourself if you’re your boyfriend’s girlfriend?” Let’s not go around deceiving ourselves. LOL!)

I’m not being insensitive, I’m just saying what needs to be said!

Miracle did to Nina what Nina did to Collins. Simple as ABC!

Yeah! Miracle made promises to Nina that he is yet to fulfil. It would be wrong not to fulfil those promises because “a promise is a debt” but Nina is NOT a victim! She only got a taste of her own medicine. Thankfully, Miracle was mature about it. He didn’t blatantly break up with her or did he?

You just cheat someone and wait to see if Karma will not chase you so hard that even your shadow will run and leave you behind!

That is my own two kobo. Thank you!

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