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American TV personality, Wendy Williams shows off her surgically enhanced figure in her bikini in Barbados

Follow @eventlabgh < From lipo to her tummy tuck, via a breast augmentation – 53-year old Wendy Williams has spared...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at September 12, 2017


From lipo to her tummy tuck, via a breast augmentation – 53-year old Wendy Williams has spared no expense when it comes to crafting a perfect figure for herself.

The talk-show host showed off her bikini body on the beach in Barbados, and it has fans talking.

Despite being on the beach, Wendy couldn’t bare to be without her bling. rocking a pair of pink jewel encrusted oversized $965 Gucci glasses and a bedazzled ‘W’ necklace.

Unlike many Hollywood stars, Wendy has always been open and honest about her use of surgery to maintain her youthful good looks – once even calling herself a ‘poster child for plastic surgery’.

As seen on the beach, the mother-of-one sports a large tattoo spanning the width of her stomach.

Wendy commissioned the exotic star and vine inking to cover up her scar following a tummy tuck six months after giving birth to son Kevin Jr in 1999.

She has also admitted to having Liposuction to hone her stomach area, along with other surgery, including a breast augmentation and implants, and a face lift, along with Botox and laser treatment to reduce scarring.

But she maintains that given the opportunity, many a woman would follow her lead.

She once told ‘If I gave you $10,000 and said you can use my doctor, you’d do it. If you say you wouldn’t, I venture to say, ‘Somebody’s lying, and it ain’t me.’”

But while she has had surgical help perfecting her figure, Wendy also relies upon a clean-living lifestyle to keep her body looking good, working out and watching what she eats.



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