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Africans Rising condemns the Execution of Children and Women in Cameroon

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at July 19, 2018


Video footage of men in military gear executing women and their babies tied on their back after being blindfolded has been circulating on the internet the past week. Even though statements from the Cameroonian authorities initially claimed the video is fake, Rights group Amnesty International revealed that, “extensive analysis of the weapons, dialogue, and uniforms that feature in the video, paired with digital verification techniques and testimonies taken from the ground, all strongly suggested that the perpetrators of the executions are Cameroonian soldiers.” 

Africans Rising is horrified by the heinous crimes committed against innocent citizens. Africans Rising for Justice, Peace & Dignity calls on the government of Cameroon to fulfill its mandate to protect the lives of its citizens and stop using excessive force against innocent and vulnerable people or face the wrath of International Law for war crimes and crime against humanity.

We call on the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights and the United Nations Human Rights Commission to investigate the matter and take serious actions against the perpetrators. ‘’Impunity must not continue to thrive in the # AfricaWeWant and Human Rights violators must not find allies in governments as well as regional and international institutions’’ said Muhammed Lamin Saidykhan Co-Movement Coordinator.

The Africans Rising pleads to the government of Cameroon to give peace a chance by inviting the belligerents to dialogue and seek a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Southern Cameroon which according to the United Nations has resulted in over 160,000 people displaced and another 20,000 living in refugee camps in Nigeria.

The safety and future of the over 40,000 school age children that are living in bushes, refugees, and IDP camps must be the priority of the government of Cameroon which must ensure that no Cameroonian child ever suffer again, the fate the innocent children that were executed in cold blood by unrestrained soldiers.

Africans Rising for Justice, Peace & Dignity stands in solidarity with the people of Cameroon in these difficult times and will continue working on bringing peace and justice to the people of Cameroon.

In Solidarity with the people of Cameroon!

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