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234Star Helpline: How Will I Survive As A First Child Who Is Not Interested In Getting Married?

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at September 5, 2018


Hello 234star! I really don’t have much to say and it’s not that much of a special problem I just need help from you guys or your readers. I am a 27 year old lady. The first child and only girl in a family of 5. Yes! I have 2 male siblings.

I work in a public relations agency and I earn more than enough. But I am not married not because I have no one who wants to marry me but because I am not interested in getting married. A lot of people place so much importance on marriage these days and make it look like if a lady isn’t married at my age, it’s a big problem. But the thing is I’ve never been a fan of marriage. NEVER! Whenever my friends or cousins talk about marriage, I never contribute because it’s not something I want to involve myself with. And trust me, I’m sure I won’t regret that decision. The problem though, is that my parents, especially my mom, are on my neck pushing me to get married. My siblings are not even near marriage (you know how guys take their time when it comes to stuff like this now) so I’m the one and only target of my parents. I really don’t know what to do at the moment. How do I reveal to my parents that I’m not interested in being wife? How do I stop them from pestering me? Or wait! Do you guys think my decision not to get married is a wrong one?

Our advice: We’ll have to throw this one to our readers.

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